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Autel EVO II 8K Drone Rugged Bundle. Complete with 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries and a Hard Case. 8k Video Resolution. 360° Obstacle Avoidance. Flight Time up to 40minutes

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The world’s first foldable 8k drone
Autel EVO II 8k records in resolutions up to 7680x4320. With 16 times more pixels compared to HD and 4 times as many pixels compared to 4k, 8k video redefine image detail. The high resolution enables the ability to zoom deep into a scene, crop an image or video to 4k without any loss in quality and pushing color further than ever before.

Capture striking detail never seen before in an aircraft of this size with the first 8K drone camera on the planet. AUTEL EVO II features unmatched 8K video resolution
up to 25fps and dynamic 48MP stills.

  • 360° Obstacle Avoidance
  • Maximum Flight Time 40minutes. EVO II series flies for up to 40 minutes
  • Maximum Transmission Range 5.5miles
  • Maximum Wind Resistance 39mph (17m/s)
  • Maximum Flight Speed 45mph
  • Dynamic Track 2.0
    EVO II can model location and speed of targets simultaneously, predict their trajectory accurately, and track them continuously while identifying up to 64 objects at the same time.
  • Only Autel offers Hyperlapse photography in 8K
    With Hyperlapse mode, no post processing is required. The 8K images may be taken straight out of the drone and may be shared immediately. JPEG and RAW files are recorded simultaneously. Create perfect flight paths and achieve accurate, repeatable hyperlapse videos with just one click
  • Capture Every Detail
    Partnering with Sony, the Autel EVO II's 48 megapixel sensor is superior to any aerial camera by providing sharper images, greater detail, and richer color
  • Equipped with 19 groups of sensors including 12 visual sensors, the main camera, ultrasound, IMUs and other sensors enable building of three-dimensional maps and path planning in real time